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Cosmetic Contouring is a painless procedure which requires no anaesthetic. In addition to the benefit in appearance of the teeth, function is also improved. Reshaping and polishing malpositioned teeth can make them more self cleansing and reduce the likelihood of fracture.

This lady had a beautiful face, but her crowded front teeth ruined her smile. As a compromise to orthodontics, tooth bonding was selected in combination with cosmetic contouring to help her teeth look straighter.

Three front teeth were bonded to create a polished surface. Cosmetic contouring of both the upper and lower teeth helped attain an illusion of straightness. Notice how much  straighter the smileline is after this one appointment procedure.


This lady had overlapping, crowded front teeth. She was naturally concerned about her smile, but ruled out orthodontics because she wanted immediate  results.


No anaesthetic was required to do cosmetic contouring on the teeth. The edges of the six front teeth were evened and polished.
It took approximately one hour to cosmetically contour these teeth. The fractured lower tooth was later bonded. You can see how the illusion of straightness was accomplished by recontouring the overlapping areas of these teeth.


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