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Happy gas is also known as nitrous oxide sedation or inhalation sedation.

A technique that's known as relative analgesia gives a temporary feeling of extreme relaxation and is very helpful to the nervous patient.

Minute quantities of nitrous oxide, in combination with oxygen, are breathed in through a tiny mask placed over your nose.

You are conscious during treatment and 15 minutes after, can resume normal activities.  

Happy Gas is generally well accepted by children - they relax quickly and experience better analgesia.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Can Cause:

A relaxed euphoric feeling  

Remove apprehension and anxiety

Light intoxication

Tingling sensation ( fingers, toes )

Numbness of lips

Lethargy - heavy limbs

Sounds are distant

Mood is altered / conscious co-operation

Pain threshold is raised

Because you are conscious, your protective reflexes are there ie. gag reflex      

When Happy Gas can't be used

Some possible reasons Happy Gas may not  be used are: 

Complete nasal obstruction
Advanced pulmonary pathology (emphysema)
Common cold 
TB or pulmonary condition
Multiple sclerosis
Pregnancy (never in first 3 months)
Psychiatric patients

A small number of patients may find Happy Gas ineffective or unpleasant.

Dr Wardini will advise when happy gas cannot be used. 

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