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Sealing Out Decay

Dental caries ( tooth decay ) is the most widespread dental disease among children. However, we can help prevent or reduce the incidence of decay by applying tooth coloured sealants to your child's teeth.

What Is A Sealant?

A sealant is a clear or shaded plastic material that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth ( premolars and molars ), where decay occurs most often.

This sealant acts as a barrier, protecting the decay-prone areas of the back teeth from plaque and acid.

Who Should Have Sealants Applied?

Children receive the greatest benefit from having sealants applied to their teeth, especially to newly erupted permanent teeth.

Sealants are recommended for all children.

Each tooth takes only a few minutes to seal.

Advantages Of Sealants

Require no injections or drilling ( conservative. )

No trauma involved ( well accepted by children )

Are invisible as they match the colour of the teeth

Have been proved to be effective in preventing dental decay

Supplement the benefits of water flouridation and fluoride toothpastes.

Cost effective

Each sealant takes minutes to apply


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