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Are You A Candidate For Cosmetic Dentistry ?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Yes No
1. Do you feel self -conscious about smiling in front of other people ?    
2. Do you ever put your hand up to cover your smile ?    
3. Do you feel you photograph better from one side of your face ?    
4. Is there someone you think has a better smile than you ?    
5. Do you look at magazines and wish you had a smile as pretty as the models ?    
6. When you read a fashion magazine, are your eyes drawn to the models smile ?    
7. When you look at your smile in the mirror, do you see a mirror defect in your gums or in one of your teeth ?    
8. Do you wish your teeth were whiter ?      
9. Are you dis satisfied with the way your gums look ?    
10. Do you feel you show too many or too few teeth when you smile ?    
11. Do you think you show too much or too little gum tissue when you smile ?    
12. Do you wish you had longer or shorter teeth ?    
13. Would you prefer wider or narrower teeth ?    
14. Are your teeth too square or too round ?    
15. Do you dis like the way your teeth are shaped ?    

If you answered " YES" to any of the questions above then Dentist's Choice can probably help you get the smile you deserve.

For a more detailed analysis you may like to print the following table and complete it before taking it to your dentist.

Smile Analysis

You can do the following smile analysis at home. Looking into a full face, close up mirror, analyse your smile in two phases - slight smile and full smile.

Yes No
Slight Smile
1. In a slight smile, with teeth parted, do the tips of the front teeth show?
2.Are the two upper front teeth slightly longer than the adjacent teeth?    
3. Are they too long?    
4. Are the upper six front teeth even in length?    
5. Do all the front teeth come in contact with each other?    
6. Are the front teeth straight (versus being crooked, overlapping or protruding)?    
Full Smile
7. Smiling more, are the teeth of one colour?
8. Do your teeth have white or brown stains?    
9. Are the front teeth that contain fillings matched with other teeth so that they are unnoticed?    
10. Is one front tooth darker than the rest?    
11. Are the lower six front teeth straight?    
12. Are they even in appearance?    
13. In a full smile, normally the back teeth show. Are these teeth free of stains and discolourations from unsightly restorations?    
14. Do the necks of the teeth have erosion, a ditched- in V that can be seen or felt with the fingernail?    
15. In a full smile, does the top lip rise above the necks of the teeth so that the gums show?    
16. Are the gums pink and "knife - edged" (versus red and swollen)?
17. Have the gums receded from the necks of the teeth?    
18. Is the curvature of the gum tissue good around the teeth (half-moon shape) ?    
19. Is your breath always pleasant ?
20. Is your mouth free of dental decay or gum disease that causes bad breath ?    

21. If you could alter your smile, what would you most like to change ?

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