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A Safe And Effective Method Of Removing Stains

For such a simple procedure the long term results are very good.

For some teeth, one course of treatment is sufficient to last for years while some teeth will require a 'touch up' after 4-6 months.

At the completion of treatment, it is customary for teeth to be slightly whiter than required. Over the next week or so they settle back into their new shade.

Teeth naturally darken as we age. Over time, staining may be caused by exposure to coffee, tea, soft drinks, and certain foods.

Discolouration can also occur because certain childhood illnesses, medications, physical trauma, etc.

Opalescence Removes Stains

The patented Opalescence Tooth Whitening System will remove discolourations with a gentle sustained release action that will oxide stains within your teeth.

Your tooth structure will remain unchanged

History and research show that most people treated will experience some level of tooth whitening.

Porcelain restorations and tooth- coloured fillings do not whiten with these agents.

The Procedure

Dr Wardini will examine your teeth and gums to ensure good oral health.

Old fillings may need to be replaced and / or decayed areas treated and filled.

An impression (mould) of your upper and lower teeth will be taken to guarantee proper fit of the custom made trays.

The thin, soft trays provide sufficient comfort during treatment.

Once your trays are made, Dr Wardini will explain how to use Opalescence bleaching gel.

Most people use Opalescence while they sleep and require only 3 to 8 applications.

Other Information

Research and experience show that the whitening effect from Opalescence treatment usually lasts for years. Teeth may darken faster if exposed to staining products such as tobacco, coffee or juices.

However, teeth will probably remain significantly lighter than if no treatment had been done.    






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